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Flipboard Set to Launch iPhone 5 Version


Apple’s iPhone 5 launched Wednesday under the white-hot spotlight of global scrutiny. Yet within the walls of the cavernous Yerba Buena Arts Center demo room, where hundreds of journalists, guests, Apple employees and partners squeezed among gleaming tables of fresh Apple finery, there were far more smiles than frowns.

One happy camper was Flipboard CEO Mike McCue — who told Mashable that his company is ready with a new iPhone 5 version of the Flipboard app, just as soon as the phone comes out on September 21.

Flipboard is one of the most popular apps on the iOS platform. The social reading, magazine-style content platform has taken its lumps lately — mostly from Twitter, which seems intent cinching off Flipboard’s supplyTwitter-based links and content synopses.

McCue, though, was all smiles. Extolling the virtues of the “beautiful” new iPhone 5, he called it “perfectly balanced.” He also noted that the lengthier screen is “a huge boon” for reading apps like Flipboard.

Watch the video above for the full exchange.

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